Stage Time Los Angeles strives to be inclusive and welcoming of all children and families.  To help us reach this goal, we have created some policy standards. Before registering please review our policies and Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

  • Age Limit: Students in each class/camp must be within our assigned age limits, regardless of experience, talent, or training.  Please respect that there are no IMG_1747exceptions to this rule.
  • Dress Code: Our camp and classes involve movement and dance.  Please dress your child in clothes and shows that they can easily move in.  No short skirts, flip flops, or wedges.
  • Lunch: Please pack a bag lunch (for camp) and snacks for your child.  Our students expend a lot of energy and we find they need more to refuel them than they normally would.
  • Drop Off: Our camp doors will not open until 15 minutes before class.  There will not be a teacher on hand prior to that time, so please do not drop your child off any earlier than 15 minutes prior to class start time.
  • Pick Up: Please pick up your child promptly.  We will allow a 10 minute grace period.  After 10 minutes, however, we will charge $1 for every minute you are late.  Payment is due upon pickup.
  • Photography: We love to take pictures of our students in action and use them for out website, postcard, and other advertisements.  If you would not like to have your child’s picture used for such purposes, please let us know and we will respect your decision.
  • Video: We love to film live testimonials of the students and use them for our website.  We also film all of our students’ performances.  If you would not like to have your child’s testimonial filmed, please let us know and we will respect your decision.
  • Performance: At the end of each camp there is a performance piece we share for the campers’ friends and family.  Our aim is to keep the event filled with laughter and joy, focusing on each student’s process rather than on a final product.  An email will be sent to the parents during the camp week with the start time of the performance.STLAensemble1
  • Make Up Class: There are no make up classes for missed camp days or after school enrichment sessions.
  • Observation: With the exception of the final performance, parents are not allowed to stay and observe the camp.  On the first day if your child is nervous we welcome you to stay for the warm-up portion of the camp only.  In our experience, we usually win over even the most frightened and upset children by then!
  • Payment: Payments can be made via check or credit card prior to the start day of the camp.  After that, we ask that you bring payment in the form of cash on the first day of camp; otherwise your child may not participant until payment is made.  Please note, there is a $25 charge for all returned checks.
  • Refunds: Refunds or credits will be given for cancellations that occur 14 days before the start date of camp minus a deposit of $25.  No other refunds will be given.  No exceptions.